La Passion Dürer
Albrecht Dürer, La Descente aux limbes (détail), planche 14 de La Passion sur cuivre, 1512, burin sur papier vergé, 116 x 75 mm
Musée Jenisch Vevey – Cabinet cantonal des estampes, Fondation William Cuendet & Atelier de Saint-Prex

La Passion Dürer

du 30 octobre 2014 au 1er février 2015

Twenty-five years on from its inauguration at the Musée Jenisch Vevey, the Cabinet cantonal des estampes presents La Passion Dürer, a celebration of one of the leading figures in the history of engraving.

Collected in the 1970s by those convinced that the Canton of Vaud should have an institution dedicated to the art of printmaking, Albrecht Dürer of Nuremberg (1471-1528) is in some ways the starting point of the institution that now marks its anniversary. Showcasing the ensembles from the Fondation William Cuendet & Atelier de Saint-Prex, the Fonds des estampes du Professeur Decker and the Musée Alexis Forel, all of which are held in the cantonal prints collection, the exhibition is an opportunity to explore the master’s engravings beginning with the German and Italian influences, and to appreciate the extent of his contribution to the field of printmaking. A gallery devoted to Dürer’s influence on contemporary art also underscores the impact of his legacy on living artists, in terms of both technique and iconography.

The major publication accompanying the exhibition looks at the relationship between Dürer and Switzerland: featuring a complete presentation of the Dürer engravings conserved at Vevey, it also examines the ideas that emerged from his time in Basel and Zurich, the history of Dürer print collecting in Switzerland, and the reception of those works down the centuries.