Manon Bellet
Manon Bellet, Untitled (détail), 2013, aimants et limaille de fer sur papier, dimensions variables

Manon Bellet

L'onde d'une ombre

du 21 mars au 1er juin 2014

Born in Vevey in 1979, Manon Bellet lives and works in Berlin. The Musée Jenisch Vevey has given her a free hand for her first solo exhibition in a museum, organised in association with the Kunstmuseum Solothurn.
In her monumental installations, serial works and videos, Manon Bellet displays a particular affection for paper. Opaque or transparent, crumpled or torn, gradually disintegrated by fire or fluttering in the passing air, the page moves and transforms itself in the artist’s hands as she sets out to explore its potential new lives. Whether light or opalescent, her papers are concerned with the fragility of existence, with memory and ruin. A monograph is being published by The Green Box, Berlin to accompany the exhibition.

L'exposition et la publication bénéficient du généreux soutien de

Curt und Erna Burgauer Stiftung