Pierre Aubert. Maître des bois


Pierre Aubert (1910–1987), Saules au lac de Joux, 1959, gravure sur bois de fil. Musée Jenisch Vevey – Cabinet cantonal des estampes, Fondation Pierre Aubert

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From 17 May 2024to 25 August 2024
Opening 16 May 2024


Raphael to Piranese

Echoing the exhibition Disegno Disegni, the Pavillon de l’estampe (Prints Pavilion) offers a selection of engravings produced in Italy between the 16th and 18th centuries drawn from the collections of the Cabinet cantonal des estampes (Cantonal Prints Cabinet). The exhibition highlights the role of engraving in the diffusion of the Italian models, from the reproductions done in the style of Raphael to the renowned print series of Piranèse. It reveals the variety of techniques and subjects that have caught engravers’interest over time: through the chisel, etching or woodcuts, they place the spotlight on both historical scenes and more anecdotal landscapes, such as the famous vedute.