XXL - Le dessin en grand


Joël Person (*1962), Les chevaux de l’Apocalypse, 2020, fusain sur papier, triptyque. Collection de l’artiste © Joël Person. Photographie : Frédéric Fonctenoy

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From 15 October 2021to 27 February 2022
Opening 15 October 2021


This exhibition on contemporary large-format drawing brings together some thirty artists who work extensively in the medium. What does it mean for an artist to draw on a large scale – in situ, on paper, or indeed on other supports – and explore the limits of their creativity? How does a visitor feel when confronted with the drawing’s monumentality, far removed from the discreet intimacy of a sketch? The exhibition examines the status of drawing today and the potential that is unleashed when it assumes uncommon dimensions.


XXL – Le dessin en grand
Autors: Nathalie Chaix, Pamella Guerdat and the 32 artists
Musée Jenisch Vevey Editions, 160 pages
Graphic design: Dimitri Jeannottat
CHF 29.-

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